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  • ezGreen Compliance offers a state-of-the-art enterprise compliance and point-of-sale software solution (“ezGreen”) for licensed medical cannabis dispensaries and cultivators
  • ezGreen developed the software with Automated Healthcare Solutions (“AHCS”), a leading point of care tracking and dispensing software solution in the U.S. ezGreen owns the intellectual property and has an ongoing support agreement with AHCS.
  • It has commenced sales in the United States, and its target market is every licensed operating dispensary and cultivator in the states which have passed laws legalizing cannabis - currently 33 states and Washington, D.C.
  • Under the Royalty Agreement, FinCanna will receive a perpetual royalty equal to 10% of consolidated gross annual revenues of ezGreen, subject to certain buy-back options, by funding US$3 million in tranches (US$1.75 million funded to date).
  • The total addressable market for ezGreen in the U.S. is 13,800+ licensed dispensaries and retailers.* Cannabiz Media. If, for example, each dispensary has an average of 200 transactions per day, 6,000 transactions per month and 72,000 transactions per year, the total market average is 993,600,000 transactions per year. At an average transaction price of US$1 this would represent a total addressable market of ~ US$993,600,000 per year and the number of new dispensaries is expected to increase.
  • ezGreen is fully integrated with Marijuana Tracking Enforcement Compliance (“Metrc”) for all 14 that mandate the METRC track and trace reporting system (Alaska, California, Colorado, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, Ohio, Oregon and Washington DC), and these states have 4,999 active, pending and applied for retail dispensary licenses. ezGreen is the first HIPAA approved point of sales solution designed by medical and data security professionals approved by the cannabis control commissions in these states.

  • With this Metrc integration, ezGreen is the first Point-of-Sale solution designed by medical, data and security professionals to be sanctioned by Cannabis Control Commissions in 6 States, with applications for certification made for the remaining Metrc States.

To learn more about ezGreen Compliance, visit: https://www.ezgreencompliance.com/

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