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FinCanna Royalty Financing Benefits to Business Owners

FinCanna’s primary objective is to form part of a “whole capital” solution for businesses in the licensed cannabis sector by providing capital investment for a percentage of the future revenues. It seeks to invest in best-in-class businesses by aligning the business and financial interests of existing owners and operators with those of FinCanna.

The FinCanna Capital Solution seeks to deliver efficient long-term capital under a royalty arrangement to facilitate the growth or other specific objectives of its investees. It also endeavors to provide funds in a timely way to ensure the business opportunity is optimized.

FinCanna’s royalty financing offering is an alternative or complement to debt and equity financing. It provides the advantage of allowing investees to maintain financial flexibility and control of their business as opposed to entering into arrangements that may include restrictive debt structures or giving up an ownership stake.

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